This is our passion
Elisa Piscitelli

Growing up, I was fascinated by the encounters I made along the way and which sparked passions and interests. I would like to accompany girls and boys in self-knowledge.

Mariapaola Testa

I grew up in a country of 20,000 people and I had to understand how the outside world worked. Now I want to help the new generations find their own way.

Pramod Chintapenta

I found it hard to pursue my passions I chose my university courses without proper awareness. I would like to provide a path to the upcoming students where they identify and pursue their interests

Our team
Giovanni Alessandro Manzoni

Social Media Manager/Specialist

Mariachiara Cipoletti

Educator & Customer Care Manager

Davide Quartieri

Mentors Empowering Team & Operations Manager

Anna Giulia Amman

School Sales Representative

Davide Ori

School Sales Representative

Federica Maffione

Customer Care Manager

Agnese del Governatore

Customer successfull manager

Giulia Piscitelli

Schools Sales Representative

Gabriel Giella

Content Manager

Brittany Higdon

School Outreach Director

Er. Prabhjot Singh

Frontend Developer

Er. Rohit K. Kansal

Technical Lead

Dewan S. Mohsin Bukhari

Backend Developer

Tung Chan

UI/UX Desinger

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Social media management

Video content development

Full-stack software development

Student orientation

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