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Graduated in economics,
Sustainability consultant
Michael, Consultant

During my high school years, I wanted to be a park ranger because I liked the idea of preserving the environment around me. Talking to friends, I realized that being a forester by profession would be difficult and there was a risk of not being able to create a real impact in terms of sustainability. After a bit of research, I realized that taking a degree in economics might lead me where I wanted to go. Now I'm involved in sustainability at a large company in the automotive industry. I decided to mentor because I'm extremely grateful to have found my way and it was critical for me to have someone to guide me through the process of choosing. Now I'd like to help younger students than me figure out what their place in the world is!

Graduated in psychology,
High school support teacher
Ivan, Psychologist

Psychology is one of those fields difficult to understand for non-experts, especially if, like me, you never studied it during high school! That's one of the reasons I went down this path: I didn't know what I was going to do, but I was curious about it. While studying, I realized that the traditional psychologist job was not for me and I decided to specialize as a school support teacher. While I'm still early in my career, I'm excited about the steps I've taken so far and I hope I can help aspiring psychologists with their choice!

Graduated in medicine,
Specializing in General Medicine
Linda, Physician

Studying medicine for me was a natural step: my father is a physician and I have always heard about these topics. I must say that the first years were challenging because of the intense study, and sometimes I wondered if that was my path. I would have liked to consider more options before making my choice, but at that time Futurely didn't exist! Anyway, today I am really happy with my path. Being a doctor, despite the effort, fulfills me with satisfaction, and I feel that I have finally found my way.

Graduated in Energy Engineering,
Now specialized in renewable energy R&D
Laura, Engineer

I still remember my last high school year, when I was deciding what to do at the college. I liked science subjects, but I didn't know how to choose. I often asked myself: should I do physics or engineering, medicine or biology? I decided on Energy Engineering because I was passionate about nature, and I wanted to do something that could help with climate change. Today, some years later, I can finally say that I nailed it. Engineering has given me the tools to understand reality and solve problems, even the most complex ones, and I am happy because that is what I do every day in my job. I'm sure some students have the same questions I had, and I can't wait to tell them about my experience!

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